Character - Pow Qwester - (Eric Prydes)

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Character - Pow Qwester - (Eric Prydes)

Post by Jay'98 on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:55 am

pow wields a customized RPD named Justice and a customized stand for it named Liberty. An RPD is a cannon which launches small devices, usually grenades but in Pow's case Motion Sensing Grasping Mines. By holding the stand when it's attached to the cannon Pow makes a rudimentary pole hammer that fires mines. Pow can also use the stand as a harness to carry the gun on his back and by using a firing charge he can propel the cannon hammerhead to speed up attacks where he spins the hammer, propelling himself across the ground, hover or fly for short periods of time, jump to and land from insane heights and launch enemies into the air.

Pow is as skilled a fighter as he is a chef and food it his obsessive topic. Although Pow often gets angry for no good reason and can be relentless to people he doesn't like, food is the trigger that really pushes his buttons. If he sees the culinary art being disrespected he can go completely over the top in his revenge.

Pow has gradually replaced every part of his body with cybernetic replacements except for his internal organs and maybe his brain leading him to make the joke that he is "crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside". This makes him practically a tank as he is somehow able to use tension techniques with mechanical body parts.

Pow can often be seen smoking a cigar that burns green which has never been fully explained. Theories are that it works in much the same way as Tic-tac's elemental cigarettes and Pow is strengthening his body by exposing it to raw manner.

Pow has the ability to open up portals to a part of The Void known as "The Violet Causeway", a distorted building interior that apparently stretches forever in all directions. Key to this location is "The Room of Undeath", a place where people appear who have been erased from existence.

This gives Pow the ability to control people who have been erased by asking a favor in return for helping them get back to existence. Once they agree a powerful mind-controlling effect prevents them from betraying him. He therefore has some very powerful people at his disposal and access to some very useful information.

Pow is a chaotic fun-loving guy with a short temper and little to no sense of danger. He's very good at pissing people off and enjoys a good fight.

Pow first appeared in my (Jay's) review blog as a variant of my Albion persona. Later it got a spinoff of Pow reviewing things on his own and later reviewing specifically My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for the first series of it.

From that spawned a story series that lead on from the blog review with it's own story that restructured the series 2 events of MLPFIM. This was known as Powdark and was the debut of Beans as one of the writers in something Albion-like.

Beans had previously ruined her reputation with an offensive My Little Pony fanwork known as Glitter and so nobody wanted them as a writer. They were redeemed after working on Powdark and, despite making a game of glitter and a highly questionable crossover game with another controversial figure, they have yet to ruin their reputation again.

Pow first had his official appearance in Albion near the start of the Rise of Shichi series where he's shown as a neerdowell picking fights with other people for no reason. When some robbers try to hold up the bank where Pow is waiting in queue, he savagely beats them up killing one of them and then decided that he likes being a hero.

We are treated to a flashback of Pow's own where he is shown as being a young trainee samurai. Pow tries to enter the Blade tournament but soon discovers that it is secretly run by the tournament's long standing champion Gregory Van who is using threats and gang ties to prevent anyone taking his title.

Pow is forced into surrendering the fight to spare his master Sora "The Chicken" Grains who is currently very ill from any punishment whilst making it look like he genuinely lost the fight. Nobody believes Pow when he says he threw the fight and Pow promises to himself to come back and win the tournament when Van is no longer participating.

From a previous episode we already know that Van got beaten by War in the tournament and is no longer competing so this year's tournament is bound to have Pow make an appearance.

However Pow spent years practicing how to use his custom RPD and stand and when he turns up at the Blade tournament weapon in hand they inform him that it's not a blade and he can't compete.

Pow later joins the Shichi after his former master tells Pow about it as a way of carrying the torch for newer generations. This was prior to Slingsword and Hammerhead revealing they were members of The Shichi. It's mentioned that Pow, Cannon and Uun have some past history and are old friends but nothing more is explained as yet.

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