Character - Ironhead - (Rex Pugilem)

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Character - Ironhead - (Rex Pugilem)

Post by Jay'98 on Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:05 am

the sheer definition of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Ironhead can channel the force of an attack against him into a counter attack against his attacker. He can even carry the force inside his body to use it later by channeling it round and round his body indefinitely.

Ironhead went under the name Bwara Kign, a misspelling and mispronunciation of "Brawler King" to enter the Fist tournament in the Quest Island series. Appearing drunk and wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a comically over-sized weighted metal top hat he appeared to be a useless wannabe fighter. His stumbling falling-down headbutt technique which most rolled their eyes at caught the attention of War who noticed there was a high degree of skill behind it.

When War called him out Ironhead removed his hat exposing a metal plate on his forehead and revealed his true identity proudly to a crowd that had no idea who that identity was. However War knew who Ironhead was and was so stunned he almost fell backward feeling faint.

Appearing again in the Rise of Shichi saga Ironhead reveals that he too is a member of The Shichi when Slingsword and Hammerhead announce it. Vassal tries to beat Ironhead but he's way too strong and channels the force exerted by Vassal's punches to power his own counter attack which nearly kills Vassal.

Throughout the series we are treated to flashbacks as Ironhead tells the new members his past however it is Ironhead's exaggerated retelling of events and not all of it is true. In the flashbacks he claims to be part of a superhero team with many other billiards themed characters that probably never happened.

However in one flashback he does mention having a fight with Sam Gull and Billy Bat after a small misunderstanding. When Sam turns up later it's revealed that Ironhead is in fact a villain and Sam was the courageous hero who did all the things Ironhead claimed to have done.

Ironhead brashly admits he is a man obsessed with fighting the strongest there is and will stop at nothing. When Slingsword tries to use Splitting Wave, his most powerful attack, Ironhead stops the blade dead with his neck without moving a muscles from his relaxed standing position, proving that Ironhead is on another level compared with the Shichi.

Hammerhead later remembers that the iron plate in Ironhead's forehead weakens Ironhead's abilities and the Shichi try for another chance to stop Ironhead. Ironhead reveals that what they saw was in fact makeup and a bent piece of an old frying pan placed on his head. Ironhead says that he has in fact got a boney plate in the front of his head from growing it back from his old forehead bone plate and bone marrow with multiple surgical procedures. Thus he does not have that weakness anymore.

However Sam remembers that he broke Ironhead's forehead once before with a Tornado Strike and it must still have a weakpoint where he hit it. Sam attempts to strike Ironhead in the weakpoint and hits it dead center but Ironhead is able to channel the energy away and perform a counter blow using energy stored up from previous fights that floors Sam. Severely weakened but not dead Ironhead manages to escape.

Ironhead comes to the conclusion that he needs to be much stronger to beat Sam and avoid his technique. After secretly following the Shichi by absorbing the force from his footsteps he learns of new more powerful enemy, The Butler. He spies on them as he witnesses The Butler's own technique nullify Slingswords Splitting Wave with little to no effort.

Later as The Butler is preparing his attack on the Shichi he is confronted by Ironhead. Realizing that Ironhead's technique is based on forces, The Butler isn't threatened since his Eraser technique is a reality based attack. However when The Butler tries to use it on Ironhead he quickly notices that Ironhead is somehow able to channel it as well despite it being neither energy or force.

Realizing the potential danger of Ironhead being able to use reality powers, The Butler runs away but Ironhead seems to have little interest in gathering any more power the Butler.

Ironhead is still on the loose.

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